C O M M I S S I O N S- Info
The rates under this website are just for personal comissions.
For profesional orders, due to be published or printed for sale, please contact

If you have any comments, questions or want to ask me for a commission, please contact me at Vheachan@gmail.com with the “Commission Inquiry Order” subject.

It's important to mention that this type of orders can't be used professionally, ie: can not be used in for profit publications or editorial. They are only for personal use .

Now I’m open to all kind of commissions; pencil or digital illustration ^^.

Note: Things I WILL NOT DRAW:

  • Explicit porn (however, artistic nude is ok)
  • Extreme gore
  • Nothing that I may find offensive

Thing you could send me to make your commission:

  • Character/s detailed description: Please DON'T BE POETIC, send me a simple explanation.
  • Photo reference for the outfit and/or poses
  • Another Sketch/drawing from your character/s, yours or another people commission

When I have finished Your commission I will send You a HQ JPG file and the PSD file if you also want.
In the case of pencil commissions, If you want me to send you the original drawing, you'll have to pay 75% more of the price, plus shipping charges.


I would rather prefer you to send me the 50% of the agreed price before I begin working ( for the payment guaranty, you know ^^), and the rest when I finish the commission. The illustration won’t be sent to you till I get the payment for it ^^.

I do not ask for donations, but hey!! They are always wellcomed! LOL ^3^

  • Portraits (Head, shoulders...)
    Standard: 1 character with white or single-coloured background, more or less.
  • Half body (From head to waist or navel)
    Standard: 1 character with white or single-coloured background.
  • Full body
    Standard: 1 character with white or single-coloured background.

All these prices are negotiable, but it depends on the complexity and the details that the customer wants to have in his/her request

*This table contents aproximate rates, they are not deffinitive prices, take them just as a reference

  Pencil Digital
Portraits 25€ 35€
Half body 35€ 65€
Full body 45€ 90 -105€
Aditional character +50%
Background Simple Free
Complex Contact me
Additional objects (objects, pets etc... ) contact me
Shipping of the original drawing +75% of the price + Shipping /

In case you have any doubts about the prices and the conditions, don’t hesitate to ask me ^^.